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June 24, 2018 by

Getting the Design

Working with a responsible client is just fun. I was happy that client provided me clear instruction and design in a PDF version. There were exact pixel measurements, guidelines about colors, navigation menu, and graphic images. Client’s cooperation made the job easy.

The inner object of the website was to bring targeted visitors and boost sales. I always provided importance on the object of the company while coding.

Translate Design to WordPress

Using Bracket editor I translated PDF design to WordPress. After that, I set up the website on WordPress. I created customized WordPress dashboard. I intended to build an ‘easy to use’ dashboard so that client can change anything when he needs.

After continuous coding, I designed a dashboard that allows anyone to change Logo, favicon icon, menu, social icon and link. I changed the dashboard color related to Cantata homepage.

Slider Based Testimonial Section

I was careful to develop a site that will be handy for visitors as well as for the admin. Though it was challenging, but I never gave up. I made the testimonial section in three different styles. I thought it will help admin to change the slider style according to his demand.

I used custom visual composer to arrange the testimonial section. It allowed the admin to change any contents effortlessly of that area.

The Challenge

A professional developer always try to develop a site that can be handled without any coding knowledge, I am not exceptional!

I included all the available features and styles in the sliders so that client can move to a new style when needs. Without this, all other sections of the site also can be customized easily without any troublesome coding knowledge.

The More Challenge and Successful

Another challenge I faced was ‘Explore Our Product’ section. I applied my Ajax and JavaScript knowledge to develop the section. Ajax and Javascript enabled it in such a way that users can search a product by selecting multiple options. Users can visit product page without losing any info of the previous page.

And finally, I just improved its responsiveness and handed over to the client.


June 24, 2018 by

Translate Design to WordPress

My client gave me the design in .psd (PhotoShop Document) file. First, I converted it to HTML and finally to WordPress.

There were two main parts in the design, the actual look of the homepage and contents area. I was very careful to complete the design with high-quality coding.


There were few vital sections on the homepage. Including customer login option and a suitable welcome video on the homepage were quite challenging. It was a site where everything was on only one page. Allowing all the sections, contents, graphics on the page was a bit troublesome.

Truly speaking, it was necessary for the site. The design was developed in such a way so that visitors come, read, and take their fast decision.


I mentioned already, the site required all necessary elements on the homepage. It was important to include posts/ news section in the footer area. Also, I added social profile as client’s requirement.

The pixel measurements, colors, and graphic pieces were applied on the site with much care and of course with love.

Ready to Go!

One thing I forgot to mention – ‘Request a Press Kit’ button was an exclusive feature of the site. I made some changes without client’s permission, just to know – what he thinks about the changes!

Client was very much pleased. He told me that I have done much better than the provided design.
Finally, everything is successfully done!


June 24, 2018 by Zihad

Getting the Design

The client provided the design in PDF version. At the first time, I was impressed. Oh! very nice to see and thought, it will be very much enjoyable! But it was not so easy to convert the PDF version into a real eye-catching website. The design was quite critical to converting. Very subtle instruction, and so building an actual construction was challenging enough.

The Code

Based on the subtle requirements, I worked on every inch very carefully. Client provided very clear guidelines and really, I am happy with the client. Very careful and fresh coding were mandatory for making it a website same to the provided design. I followed the guidelines without keeping any lack about background, colors, fonts, all the relevant lengths, and everything of the site.


One of the vital challenges was to make the website responsive. I tried my best! I made it very efficient and handy in all devices and browsers. Story Telling section was very challenging. When someone will bring the cursor on the design, it will move in opposite direction. My careful coding changed it to an excellent outcome.


Client asked me to design it in such a way that there are two lists of posts or news. It will be shown with title and date.

No way, it can’t defeat me!

Mission Accomplished!

After several days of hard working, I noticed that I have done something. Client said, amazing! Yes. Finally, I finished the amazing website ‘PR WITH PANACHE!

Landing page

June 23, 2018 by Zihad

Designs and Problems

Client was very friendly and helpful. He sent me his expected designs with enough guidelines. The core target was attracting visitors to the website. We all know that there is too much competition for making an effective attention. I always kept these essential points in my mind.

The problem I faced was combining the colors and using the perfect animation as well as pictures. My hard works, planning, and expertise make the process easy.


I always think that making a website visible in all devices and browsers is vital part of designing. Therefore, responsive design is a must. My fresh coding and planned steps has made the site noticeably responsive.

The website required too many textures and colors. Sometimes, I became confused; oh, no! Is everything okay? Yeah, finally everything was just amazing.

Ready to Go!

I asked my client that I need 24 hours more to make the site impressive. Client replied – oh, okay. Take your time, but make me happy with your services.

Actually, I took only few hours more as I spent lots of time only to combining colors and images. I tested the website on mobile and tablet with different browsers.

It was perfect. Client just told me – ‘Cute’!


June 20, 2018 by Zihad

Designs and Challenges

We discussed about the website purpose and possible designs. Later, I received the design and analyzed it. I decided to design one page website that will explain everything about the site. It will include everything that can attract targeted visitors.

Call-to-action and payment gateway were quite challenging parts. I kept the call-to-action section above of the page and hope, it helped the client to speed-up the sales.

Landing Page Ready!

Everything was done accurately. I applied the exact measurement, colors, and styles. The final step was making it responsive and testing its effectiveness. Within the deadline, responsiveness test was done efficiently.

I noticed everything is going fine. Happy! I handed over the site to my client!


May 18, 2018 by Zihad

The Code

Code is clean with proper comment tag. If need, any developer can change code easily without any hassle.

I developed the WordPress theme so that it is responsive and works on mobile, tablet, and desktop devices. The front-end also required functionality such as a drop-down menu, hero slider. The client wanted to be able to choose which pages are shown in the drop-down menu, which is achieved simply by selecting the “Feature this Page” option in the WordPress page editor.

Tablet View

Mission accomplished

Some coding challenges are harder than others, but when you have a great client to work with, it makes it that much easier to achieve your objective. I had a great time working with this client and I’m glad that I could help them create a website that met their company needs.


July 31, 2017 by Zihad

Designs and Problems

Client sent me two separate designs one for desktop-view and another is mobile-view with enough guidelines. The core target was attracting visitors to the website. We all know that there is no much problem with making Landing Page.

Ready to Go!

I tested the website on mobile and tablet with different browsers.

It ‘s ready to go : )