Theme development from scratch

Robot June 24, 2018

Robots4Autism is developed to support the children with autism. My intention was to make the site very much user-friendly. So, parents can quickly find it helpful for them. I intended to give an impressive design that attracts the children too.

qantas homepage refresh

Translate Design to WordPress

My client gave me the design in .psd (PhotoShop Document) file. First, I converted it to HTML and finally to WordPress.

There were two main parts in the design, the actual look of the homepage and contents area. I was very careful to complete the design with high-quality coding.


There were few vital sections on the homepage. Including customer login option and a suitable welcome video on the homepage were quite challenging. It was a site where everything was on only one page. Allowing all the sections, contents, graphics on the page was a bit troublesome.

Truly speaking, it was necessary for the site. The design was developed in such a way so that visitors come, read, and take their fast decision.


I mentioned already, the site required all necessary elements on the homepage. It was important to include posts/ news section in the footer area. Also, I added social profile as client’s requirement.

The pixel measurements, colors, and graphic pieces were applied on the site with much care and of course with love.

Ready to Go!

One thing I forgot to mention – ‘Request a Press Kit’ button was an exclusive feature of the site. I made some changes without client’s permission, just to know – what he thinks about the changes!

Client was very much pleased. He told me that I have done much better than the provided design.
Finally, everything is successfully done!