Theme development from scratch

PRP June 24, 2018

'PR WITH PANACHE' required some dynamic designs. Based on the company's aims, I always tried to make it more user-friendly. It is a professional site that tells stories, I mean it works with press releases in the education market!

qantas homepage refresh

Getting the Design

The client provided the design in PDF version. At the first time, I was impressed. Oh! very nice to see and thought, it will be very much enjoyable! But it was not so easy to convert the PDF version into a real eye-catching website. The design was quite critical to converting. Very subtle instruction, and so building an actual construction was challenging enough.

The Code

Based on the subtle requirements, I worked on every inch very carefully. Client provided very clear guidelines and really, I am happy with the client. Very careful and fresh coding were mandatory for making it a website same to the provided design. I followed the guidelines without keeping any lack about background, colors, fonts, all the relevant lengths, and everything of the site.


One of the vital challenges was to make the website responsive. I tried my best! I made it very efficient and handy in all devices and browsers. Story Telling section was very challenging. When someone will bring the cursor on the design, it will move in opposite direction. My careful coding changed it to an excellent outcome.


Client asked me to design it in such a way that there are two lists of posts or news. It will be shown with title and date.

No way, it can’t defeat me!

Mission Accomplished!

After several days of hard working, I noticed that I have done something. Client said, amazing! Yes. Finally, I finished the amazing website ‘PR WITH PANACHE!