Landing page June 23, 2018

qantas homepage refresh

Designs and Problems

Client was very friendly and helpful. He sent me his expected designs with enough guidelines. The core target was attracting visitors to the website. We all know that there is too much competition for making an effective attention. I always kept these essential points in my mind.

The problem I faced was combining the colors and using the perfect animation as well as pictures. My hard works, planning, and expertise make the process easy.


I always think that making a website visible in all devices and browsers is vital part of designing. Therefore, responsive design is a must. My fresh coding and planned steps has made the site noticeably responsive.

The website required too many textures and colors. Sometimes, I became confused; oh, no! Is everything okay? Yeah, finally everything was just amazing.

Ready to Go!

I asked my client that I need 24 hours more to make the site impressive. Client replied – oh, okay. Take your time, but make me happy with your services.

Actually, I took only few hours more as I spent lots of time only to combining colors and images. I tested the website on mobile and tablet with different browsers.

It was perfect. Client just told me – ‘Cute’!