Colt WP Website Development

Colt May 18, 2018

Colt Ranch & Land is an US based company that helps ranch style living through affordable land ownership. My mission was to design them a new brand and website.

qantas homepage refresh

The Code

Code is clean with proper comment tag. If need, any developer can change code easily without any hassle.

I developed the WordPress theme so that it is responsive and works on mobile, tablet, and desktop devices. The front-end also required functionality such as a drop-down menu, hero slider. The client wanted to be able to choose which pages are shown in the drop-down menu, which is achieved simply by selecting the “Feature this Page” option in the WordPress page editor.

Tablet View

Mission accomplished

Some coding challenges are harder than others, but when you have a great client to work with, it makes it that much easier to achieve your objective. I had a great time working with this client and I’m glad that I could help them create a website that met their company needs.