Theme Development, csv import

Cantata Learnning June 24, 2018

I have done several designing and development projects, but specifically I remember Cantata Learning project. It was the most challenging as well as bigger project I had done ever. I can recount the noticeable part of the project. Yes, that was the improved system of uploading contents on the site. I developed a way in which client can upload contents easily by importing CSV.

qantas homepage refresh

Getting the Design

Working with a responsible client is just fun. I was happy that client provided me clear instruction and design in a PDF version. There were exact pixel measurements, guidelines about colors, navigation menu, and graphic images. Client’s cooperation made the job easy.

The inner object of the website was to bring targeted visitors and boost sales. I always provided importance on the object of the company while coding.

Translate Design to WordPress

Using Bracket editor I translated PDF design to WordPress. After that, I set up the website on WordPress. I created customized WordPress dashboard. I intended to build an ‘easy to use’ dashboard so that client can change anything when he needs.

After continuous coding, I designed a dashboard that allows anyone to change Logo, favicon icon, menu, social icon and link. I changed the dashboard color related to Cantata homepage.

Slider Based Testimonial Section

I was careful to develop a site that will be handy for visitors as well as for the admin. Though it was challenging, but I never gave up. I made the testimonial section in three different styles. I thought it will help admin to change the slider style according to his demand.

I used custom visual composer to arrange the testimonial section. It allowed the admin to change any contents effortlessly of that area.

The Challenge

A professional developer always try to develop a site that can be handled without any coding knowledge, I am not exceptional!

I included all the available features and styles in the sliders so that client can move to a new style when needs. Without this, all other sections of the site also can be customized easily without any troublesome coding knowledge.

The More Challenge and Successful

Another challenge I faced was ‘Explore Our Product’ section. I applied my Ajax and JavaScript knowledge to develop the section. Ajax and Javascript enabled it in such a way that users can search a product by selecting multiple options. Users can visit product page without losing any info of the previous page.

And finally, I just improved its responsiveness and handed over to the client.