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A chainsaw is undeniably the desired tool for cutting down and branching out trees. For its powerful and easy to use nature, it has become the most popular tool among woodworkers over the years. But if you’re new to this, you’re probably wondering that what is a chainsaw? In that case, you may also want to know that how to use a chainsaw.

In this piece of writing, we’re going to go in-depth into the topic to answer your entire question regarding chainsaw. Stick around till the end to know what a chainsaw is used for and how to use it. So, without further ado, let’s find out.

What Is a Chainsaw?

A chainsaw is an electrically or thermally operated portable device used for cutting down trees and woods. It has a set of sharply aligned teeth attached to a spinning robust steel chain and a guide bar that makes flawless cuts to trees, woods, etc. Also, it has two handles at both ends.

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The chainsaw is the most prominent tool when it comes to cutting down trees because it’s convenient yet extremely powerful. This mechanical powerhouse can chop off any wood in seconds with its edgy teeth. Despite that, due to its portability, it’s the most easy-to-use apparatus out there.

What Is a Chainsaw Used For?

There are myriad ways of using a chainsaw. The multiple uses of a chainsaw make it one of the most useful tools one can have. Let’s see what a chainsaw can be used for.

Lumber Industry: Chainsaw is one of the most useful tools for people involved with the wood industry. It is used in logging activities like felling of trees, bucking, pruning etc. Tree trunks of medium size to giant ones, a chainsaw can easily cut them in half no matter the size.

Agro-business Industry: Most of the chainsaws on the market are for agriculture purposes. Farmers use chainsaw for cutting down crops as well as for cutting woods for agricultural purposes. It has a guide bar on which the cutting chain runs.

Horticulture: Chainsaw is a must for tending the greenery. Some chainsaws are specially designed for gardening, consequently for minor pruning.

Ice Cutting: One of the many uses of chainsaw includes cutting the ice. When people hear about the word ‘chainsaw’, they think of cutting trees, woods or similar kind of stuff. But a chainsaw can be used for cutting the ice as well. Ice sculptures can be made with the help of chainsaw.

Stone Cutting: It probably seems a bit far-fetched but it is true. A chainsaw is an excellent tool for cutting solid objects like bricks, concrete blocks and even naturally produced stones. Of course, not all chainsaws can do that but some specially designed chainsaws can pull it off effortlessly.

How to Use a Chainsaw?

As previously stated, a chainsaw can be handled pretty easily. However, if it’s your first time using a chainsaw, you might find it difficult. You must know how to use a chainsaw first before you start using it otherwise, you’d end up making mistakes which can lead to accidents.

So, if you’re new to this, follow the step by step guide on how to use a chainsaw given below and it’ll be like a cakewalk for you.

Step-1: Identify the type

There are different kinds of chainsaws and each of them has different uses. Each model is different from the other. Some models are specially made for cutting down trees while the other ones maybe used for cutting ice. So, you better learn to identify the type of your electric chainsaw first.

Step-2: Make sure it’s ready

Before using the chainsaw, always make sure it’s ready. Check if the machine is clean especially, its cylinder, air filter, guide bar and the internal portion of the clutch cover. Inspect if any of the components have any damages because it may cause some severe accidents in the future.

Step-3: Lubricate the saw

Oiling or lubricating the chainsaw is necessary before using it. Find out what kind of oil is suitable for the chain. You can find the details in the user manual. If not oiled properly, the chainsaw will not give you the best results.

Step-4: Plug in

In the case of electric models, you can be able to control with a knob or a switch to start the engine. Just plug it in with an extension cord. However, as for the thermal models, the process of starting the engine is a bit more complicated.

Step-5: Verify the tension

Now, you can start your chainsaw by checking the tension of the chain. When you’re moving it apart, three links should pop up. Check the oil levels of your bar and chain, fuel if it’s a thermal model.

Step-6: Hold it correctly

The chainsaw should always be positioned at a lower level from your shoulders for flexible handling and to reduce the chance of an accident. The machine should always be paralleled while chopping the wood. Never use the end of the chain because it may cause damage to the device.

Step-7: Run a test

Running a test is necessary for novice users so that they can get a proper understanding of the device, it applies to every device, not just chainsaw. So, it would be best if you made a test cut before you begin using your chainsaw.
There could be some technical issues during the test run, identify the problems and solve them before you officially start using your chainsaw.

Step-8: Start using it

After following all the steps mentioned above, we are down to the final step of the tutorial.

When you think you’re able to make a perfect cut, activate the chain brake by pulling the handle in your direction using your left hand. Set the controls to start mode and press the priming pump multiple times in order to raise the fuel in the tank.

Set a steady position on both feet avoiding work in balance. Always hold the chainsaw with both hands except for pruning chainsaw. Hold the front handle with your left hand and the back handle with your right hand keeping your wrist straight. Cut to full strength by hitting the wood with the middle portion of the chain.

Wrap Up

A chainsaw is a remarkably useful tool not only for woodwork but also for household activities. But it would be best if you are highly cautious while using the machine.

Because even though it’s small and handy equipment, it’s immensely powerful and can cause a lot of harm to you if not used properly. Always keep in mind that safety comes first.

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